Research Program

The environmental crisis is at once very well documented and more and more violent. Nevertheless, ideological blockages in terms of representation persist, limiting our capacity to intervene more responsibly beyond the Anthropocene stage. These barriers hinder the achievement of public policy objectives such as the Green Deal and, more largely, the response to environmental challenges.

How can we impact these ideological blockages that freeze us in “presentism”? What kind of design of coexistence between humans and non-humans is at stake?

In order to contribute to a paradigm shift regarding the Human/Nature relation: we propose to create, first, new synergies between art, science, ethics, philosophy, and second, dynamics of interaction between different forms of knowledge: the project aims at proposing solutions in terms of citizen participation, combining scientific data, ancestral knowledge and immersive experiences, integrating the complexity of natural ecosystems.

A specific focus is our interactions with trees and forests as characteristic for our experience of nature. Indeed, the life of trees, their particular modes of communication, are emblematic of phenomena that we are not able to perceive, but which are essential data for understanding forms of otherness.

Creating techno-ethical forms of interactions (through immersive experiences and data visualization), the project seeks to propose a wide-ranging reform of contribution for nature. Finally, it will be a question of instituting new principles in terms of bioethics and biolaw, embracing a level of complexity that has never been fully assumed.

Thus, Eden Artech will contribute to rethinking the design of our coexistence with nature by facilitating a new diplomacy and the response to the environmental challenges we have to face.

Image credit: © DR